About : Nirmal Vallathai Sreenivasan

In the social world, nothing more than an immaterial person among the many billions and trillions immaterial beings who walk around, eat, drink, sleep and otherwise carry around their lives in this world, thinking there’s a reason for all this. Its all a Joke!! Love to live in the moment and swim along any tide, as long as I stay ahead of the curve. Free thinker, and I certainly believe the Grasshopper was right. All the ant did was store stuff for the winter and work and watch its queen breed on, and on, and on, and on; Until they died and the new slaves did the same thing. Much better hopping around the green grass and tail(literally) the other voluptuous grasshopper ladies in the spring and finally when the time comes, freezing dead with an empty belly in winter. Reverting to the subject in question, that is, about me, well, Curious, sometimes skeptic and absolutely critical about every single subject and detail. Hard time accepting defeat in an argument, you could go as far as to say I’m obstinate, even if the facts are thrown on my face. Thing is , every fact is Subjective, in my opinion, Got it? Exactly. Given time for thought and theories and laws to prove the old ones were wrong, any fact is a proven lie. The most common and known fact, the biggest Lie. There never was ground rules, were there? We made em, everything through the proof we’ve seen and heard and smelled and experienced. But its all a joke 😉 Whatever. But leaving all that silly matter, Football crazy. MUFC fan for life. Chop me up, squeeze m blood dry, cut out my tongue, and yet that small severed piece will yell Glory Glory Manchester United!! If u wanna start a football argument, come and get it from me. No quarter, No logic, No compromise even on the face of Armageddon (quote : Rorschach )  😉 And furthermore, an Absolutely Avid Foodie. And insignificantly,  in the professional world, just a beginner working at a Telecom giant providing the eager hours of slavery; for now. Confused and absolutely hopeless on the past, present, and the future. Much less the concept of time. If its all relative, why the heck cant the bread that I ate 5 years ago come fill my stomach. I need a time warp in my stomach. Food for eternity, a hungry man’s intelligent Dream. Voila !

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